revenue rev‧e‧nue [ˈrevnjuː ǁ -nuː] noun [uncountable]
1. also revenues ACCOUNTING FINANCE money that a business or organization receives over a period of time, especially from selling goods or services:

• The company has an annual revenue of about $8 million.

• We earn about £3000 a month in advertising revenue.

• a 10% fall in revenue from sales

ˌaverage ˈrevenue FINANCE ACCOUNTING
the amount of money received from selling goods or products divided by the total number of goods or products sold
ˌmarginal ˈrevenue
ECONOMICS the additional revenue received when selling one more product:

• This excess of price over both marginal revenue and marginal cost is a convenient measure of the firm's monopoly power.

2. also revenues TAX money that a government receives from tax:

• a government plan to help boost revenue

• The pensions are a good source of income tax revenue.

3. the Revenue TAX ORGANIZATIONS used to refer to the government organization in Britain that collects taxes:

• The Revenue will not regard a backlog of work as a reasonable excuse for the late delivery of a tax return.

— see also Inland Revenue, Internal Revenue Service

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   The amount of goods or services sold by a company in a given period. Also known as sales or turnover.

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revenue UK US /ˈrevənjuː/ US  /ˈrevənuː/ noun
[C or U] (also revenues) FINANCE, ACCOUNTING money that a company receives, especially from selling goods or services: revenue(s) from sth »

Revenue from online ads is much less than from print advertising.

revenue(s) of »

Analysts had forecast revenue of $1.39bn.

in revenue(s) »

His firm posted $41 million in revenues last year.

generate/bring in/raise revenue(s) »

The sport doesn't generate much revenue from ticket sales.

boost/increase revenue(s) »

The banking group has in recent years struggled to boost revenues while keeping costs under control.


a fall/increase in revenue(s)


The company has an estimated annual revenue of $50 million.


Advertising revenue fell last year.


expected/projected revenue


a source of revenue

[C or U] (also revenues) TAX money that a government receives from taxes: »

They need to restructure the tax system to collect more revenue.


There is extra pressure on the Chancellor to find new ways to raise revenue.


State officials predicted a 5% growth in tax revenues.


Other taxes will have to be raised to compensate for the lost revenue.

[S] (also the Revenue) TAX, GOVERNMENT the government department in the UK that collects taxes: »

Taxpayers should always check the documents they get from the Revenue.

See also AVERAGE REVENUE(Cf. ↑average revenue), HM REVENUE & CUSTOMS(Cf. ↑HM Revenue & Customs), INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE(Cf. ↑Internal Revenue Service), MARGINAL REVENUE(Cf. ↑marginal revenue), SALES REVENUE(Cf. ↑sales revenue)

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